We work in small groups to make sure that everyone gets personalized attention from our instructor.

Low pressure

Our goal is to help you improve your health at a pace that is comfortable for you. Our classes are designed with beginners in mind so that everyone can progress at his or her own level.


General Phsycial Health

  • The mind-body connection is increasingly being recognized in our society. Yoga taps into this connection to help improve strength, balance, flexibility, posture, concentration, and sleep.

Pain Management

  • Yoga has also been shown to lesson chronic pain by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

General Psychological Health

  • Yoga’s focus on mindfulness helps reduce stress and teaches the practitioner to calm his or her mind which encourages peak performance in all things.

Support for Traumatized Youth

  • Yoga therapy has been used for helping youth with symptoms of PTSD, anxiety disorder, dysregulation emotionally, and concentration deficits, among other things.    It is used with youth at Johns Hopkins and is endorsed by Van der Kolk, a leading trauma expert, as helpful for regulation and anxiety issues in traumatized youth.


Yoga Classes – Please call 610.933.9440 to register.  (No walk ins please.)

8 sessions for $80 or $12/session.

Tues 2-3 with Luann

Friday 8:45-9:45 with Dee Dee.

Additional class times available by request with a minimum of 2 pre-registered participants.

Private Yoga Session – $50/hour.