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Are Fidget Spinners Just a Trend?

  You don't have to have kids to know of the latest must-have toy that has been selling out worldwide-the fidget spinner. This toy has driven parents crazy, as they are asked (or pestered if we are being honest here) to trek all over toy stores and convenience...

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An Unhealthy Gut=An Unhealthy Brain

Did you know mental illnesses may begin with your gut? It's true! Gut bacteria plays just as large a role, in mind "health," as the brain! With proper intake of food, the gut can resist stress and other mood disorders (such as depression and anxiety). WHAT IS KNOWN AS...

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Illness Vs. Disease

Defining Illness and Disease While almost the same thing, they are not. Let's discuss what is illness vs. disease. There is a distinction that is being made in some medical circles (e.g., the treatment of pain) that, in my opinion, should be more widely known and...

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