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How to choose a Biofeedback Provider?

Questionnaire for Choosing a Biofeedback Provider When you need to choose a biofeedback provider, multiple questions come to mind and we highly advice that you make an informed decision and not just go with the feeling. Here is a quick questionnaire that can help you...

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Is it possible to be addicted to technology?

How many of us can admit to immediately waking up in the morning and reaching for our phones? The answer is probably the majority of us. So is this considered an addiction? WHAT IS AN ADDICTION? The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing,...

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Are Fidget Spinners Just a Trend?

  You don't have to have kids to know of the latest must-have toy that has been selling out worldwide-the fidget spinner. This toy has driven parents crazy, as they are asked (or pestered if we are being honest here) to trek all over toy stores and convenience...

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An Unhealthy Gut=An Unhealthy Brain

Did you know mental illnesses may begin with your gut? It's true! Gut bacteria plays just as large a role, in mind "health," as the brain! With proper intake of food, the gut can resist stress and other mood disorders (such as depression and anxiety). WHAT IS KNOWN AS...

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Should kindergarten children be reading or playing?

In a  new study, a comprehensive 20-year examination of 800 children from kindergarten through their mid-20s published  in the American Journal of Public Health, found a link between a child's social skills in kindergarten and how well they were doing in early...

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