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At Sadar Psychological, we are eager to work with other organizations who are ready to incorporate neurofeedback, qEEG data collection, qEEG and evoked potential analysis, and other forms of biofeedback into their offerings. We help practitioners incorporate the additional tools associated with biofeedback to assist with clients who are stuck and to provide more successful treatment outcomes, and we have a demonstrated record of success in working with those organizations to develop new expertise. We create customized programs for learning.

When you collaborate with the Sadar team you get the benefit of our decades of experience in this field including help with selecting the course of study and the equipment that is best for your needs. Our industry leading BCIA neurofeedback certification course provides a fantastic background for hybrid learning and is the only course that currently offers international pricing tied to local socio-economic status. Our depth of experience also allows us to tailor our approach so that we meet your staff at their current level of understanding about biofeedback; we offer in-person teaching, remote community meetings, and anything else that we can dream up through collaborating directly with your organization.

Organizations that we have had the privilege of working with include:

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Kadenar Air Force base

Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa Japan

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We were selected to be the NF training partner for clinicians providing services to active airmen in the largest US military airbase in the Pacific Region. After completing training, we were honored to be presented with this collection of military coins in recognition of our special contribution to the base.

Sadar Psychological has demonstrated their expertise in assisting our integrated operational support behavioral health providers with neurofeedback training and certification mentoring within our military installation. Their willingness to understand the specific needs of our active duty personnel and adapt their neurofeedback training program to insure our success in integrating a neurofeedback performance enhancement program to the members we serve.


Fundación Valle del Lili

Fundacion Valle del Lili, Cali Colombia

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We taught 30 of their medical staff the foundation of NF, EEG & evoked potentials, to enable them to facilitate a research-project within their hospital setting to provide services to traumatized individuals.

As a frequent client of Sadar Psychological and Sports Center’s educational services for providers in the field of behavioral neuroscience, I have had a most rewarding experience. Mitch, Angelika and their team are highly skilled and warm professionals who take you with graduality into complex matters with master’s ability and confidence.

Hernan G. Rincon-Hoyos,

MD, MPH C/L Psychiatrist, Professor and Researcher, Fundación Valle del Lili Hospital & Universidad Icesi Cali, Colombia

Trauma Research Foundation


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We developed and implement the NF training program endorsed by Bessel van der Kolk. Through this program, each year we train approximately 120 clinicians to implement NF in a trauma-based setting.
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We were selected by HBImed to be the US representatives to collaborate and teach the theory and research that is utilized to further develop the HBImed database which include evoke potentials & analyses based on age and gender.
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Meadowbrook Counseling

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This is a multi-site out-patient facility that provides a variety of services including TMS, ketamine, and now NF. We put together a comprehensive program that included asynchronous learning, live on-line classes, and in person practicums at their location to train over 30 providers from 4 sites.
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The Key Program, Inc

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Children’s Hospital of Reading *After training key staff in NF, we were selected as the NF provider to offer services for clients whose cases are test cases for insurance coverage. Additionally, we’ve trained three cohorts of clinicians to incorporate HRV training into their residential treatment facilities.
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