Neurofeedback and Biofeedback success stories. The importance of getting to the root cause in your brain with an EEG evaluation

These are some testimonials from our patients. Read and hear from our patients about the benefits of the evaluation to guide subsequent treatment and training to help autism, ADHD and many other conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, depression, PTSD, sleep disorders and traumatic brain injuries.

We also help you improve in sports performance with the guided use of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback techniques.

We have been receiving patients since 1999. We are board certified in neurofeedback and heart rate variability as well as  HBImed and BeeMedic partners in the Americas.


 Josephine, mother of a 7 year old boy diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) at the age of 2 and a half tells us her story and how his evaluation at Sadar Psychological and Sports Center has helped her son.

Michael’s daughter developed a unique condition out of the blue a few years ago. After multiple calls to doctors and browsing the internet, he finally found Sadar Psychological and Sports Center, who was familiar with the condition and improved Michael’s daughter quality of life.

Dina, a tennis player who wanted to compete better with less anxiety, reached Sadar Psychological and Sports Center to help her understand how her brain reacts to stimulus and why certain situations are challenging so she could turn down the busy thoughts and most importantly, think more clearly.

Does the evaluation help?

Read and see our patient’s testimonials and neurofeedback success stories, based on the various recommendations we gave them.

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I really appreciate all the time and energy you are putting into helping to guide my treatment plan. Knowing I have your support and I can count on your expertise in the field as well as that of your caring and knowledgeable colleagues has provided much needed hope and a sense of calm in the storm.


JM - 35 year old female with undiagnosed neurological problems

My son was failing three subjects in school, primarily due to attention problems. He had been diagnosed with ADD and was taking a stimulant to help, but the medication was only slightly effective in helping him stay on task and had side effects that almost negated the benefits. Within 4 or 5 sessions of neurofeedback training, however, his attention problems started to turn around. After 2 months of training, his grades are now B’s, and his teachers report that he is retaining what he is learning. He still has more training to come, but so far the results have been remarkable. He is medication free and continues to improve his schoolwork.

Father of a 13 year old boy


Before neurofeedback therapy, I used to get very bad headaches all the time. When the pediatrician at CHOP recommended biofeedback, we looked up Dr. Sadar and went for a visit. I have been doing biofeedback for 3 months now and my headaches are almost gone, plus I sleep better! It is very nice to have a headache free summer!

12 year old girl

Pain and headaches

I cannot believe how this training has helped me. I used to have problems understanding what my teachers expected of me, and got in trouble a lot. Now I immediately understand what is expected, and do not waste time.

7th Grade boy


I took my daughter to Sadar Psychological because I thought she was depressed. She wouldn’t leave her bedroom or speak to anyone. He counselor ran some tests then suggested neurofeedback instead of drugs to balance out her brain and it worked. She now seems happier. She spends more time out of her room, she socializes with friends and family, her grades have improved and the comments from her teachers are better.

Mother of a 9th Grade girl


Thanks so much for the instructions and insights. I’ve attended to the breathing patterns and the “appreciative” image technique several times since we last met, and I can say without question that they are creating a noticeable positive result. Thanks so much.

Dr. Anonymous


Thank you for your care and help. It is unbelievable I came back to normal again!!! I am so happy! ?

49 year old Mother/Artist

I decided to use Thanksgiving this year to really give thanks to people who have influenced my life this year and you were at the top of my list. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to come to Sadar – everyone who works there is wonderful and really demonstrates caring, compassion, and a keen sense ability to really listen.


Neurofeedback success stories in sports

Athletes benefit from our specialized diagnosis and neurofeedback and biofeedback treatment in ways they could not achieve with other types of treatments.

Our non-invasive and scientific methodology has proven to help athletes perform their best. Here is what they have to say.

I think that the freeze frame technique is really working for me and I think I can focus longer now. Thanks!

Nationally Ranked Junior 14’s, 13 years old

I’m so proud because I can really [use my] breathing and think about my routines before I step to the baseline.

Nationally Ranked Junior 16’s, 14 years old

If I would have used these techniques when I was on tour, I would have advanced further at the US Open.

Retired Tour Player

I have also found placement is more accurate.

Nationally Ranked Junior Player

I was losing in the first set and then remembered to begin using the deep breathing techniques. I let my mind feel the flow of the good memories and felt everything slow down. Suddenly, I was in control and ended up winning the match.

Nationally Ranked 50’s Player

I can honestly say it has been working for me. I have been concentrating on my breathing after each point, noticing what happened on the point before and then erasing the blackboard. My opponents have noticed I am not getting upset – like I normally would! I find that visualizing where my serve and returns should go before I serve (and breathing) – seems to make it happen –it’s so cool.

USTA 4.0 Adult

I can’t believe how that breathing helped. I used it in my match and didn’t get nervous at all – even during a tie breaker.

USTA 4.0 Level Player

My son went to take his driver’s license test last Friday. He was really nervous and had a long wait before his turn. I suggested he use some of the breathing lessons you had taught him. He said “you know, they really help” and also mentioned the lesson about staying focused in the present, not getting too far ahead of yourself. Seem to help him a lot and he did very well on his test. Thought you’d be interested to know how students are applying your lessons beyond the tennis court. Thanks for your interest in our kids.

Father of Tournament Level Player

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