Professional Consultation

General consultation, reviews, and individual instruction with treatment providers to help enhance their patients’ care.


Professional Consultation

Case Consultation for Neuromodulation

Case consultation is provided based on our clinicians’ extensive experience as well as the most current research in their field. Our approach is multifaceted, taking into account available clinical information and information based on objective assessments (EEG, ERP, Neuropsychological, Medical tests, etc.) Our familiarity with various schools of thought and software systems allows us to guide consultees using their preferred approach to help them maximize their patient outcome.

Practice Development Consultation

Between 1999-2018, Sadar Psychological Services grew from a traditional psychotherapy practice into a practice that offered various forms of biofeedback/neurofeedback. During this time we have trained with leaders in the field of biofeedback.  This experience provides the foundation of our consultation services that include:

  • staff training
  • practice development
  • practice promotion strategies
  • client services

qEEG/ERP Consultation with Reports

This is for practitioners who want support interpreting HBimed reports. Our comprehensive reports include ERP, data base comparison (HBI), neurology report, clinical, lifestyle and BF/NF recommendations. Providers may choose to schedule a 30 minute consultation to review data. 

Brain Function Analyzer Instruction

This is for practitioners who are already profession at data collection and analysis and who want to learn to use the Brain Function Analyzer to generate their own reports. Please email [email protected] to learn more.

EEG Data Collection for qEEG/ERP

This is for practitioners who want to learn to collect EEG data. We provide 1 on 1 instruction to teach providers to collect EEG data for qEEG/ERP analysis. Before booking, be sure to obtain necessary supplies. You may also choose to pursue this understanding in a full-day training at our offices. 

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