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Functional EEG Evaluation

Our comprehensive EEG evaluation includes an EEG report by neurologist, a qEEG report and ERP report based on the HBI Database and treatment recommendations.

What is a functional EEG evaluation?

A functional EEG evaluation is a comprehensive assessment comprised of

  • Analysis of the EEG by a board certified neurologist,
  • A qEEG which compares a EEG to a normative database and
  • An Evoked Response Potential analysis (ERP Analysis) which evaluates how the brain receives and processes information.
  • A Visual Continuous Performance Task that measures response time, attention, and performance consistency.

This allows the identification of biomarkers which allows allow us to provide recommendations about how to improve brain functioning that includes life style changes, biofeedback and neurofeedback training, and traditional interventions such as medication and psychotherapy.

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What is involved in a Functional EEG Evaluation?

This takes 2 hours to complete.

Preparation includes having a good night sleep before the evaluation and eating a healthy meal that includes protein prior to arrival at the office.

You are asked to wash your hair several times with a PH neutral shampoo and to not use any conditioner or hair treatments following. An EEG tracks and records brain wave patterns.

The test involves having a cap placed on your head that contains sensors that will read the electrical output of your brain. The sensors measure the electrical impulses in the brain and send signals to a computer that records the results.

These brain waves are recorded in three conditions:

  • eyes opened
  • eyes closed and
  • during the task (22 minutes).

You are given opportunities for breaks, as needed.

The test is non-invasive an just requires that you sit in a chair.

On a subsequent day, there will be a follow up session after your results are analyzed to go over the results and recommendations with a psychologist.

Watch how to setup a Brainwave Recording for QEEG Analysis

Uses of a Functional EEG Evaluation

This can help to identify the root causes of symptoms (biomarkers) and suggest the best ways to improve the concerns identified.

For instance, the functional EEG can help identify biomarkers associated with ADHD subtypes and therefor prescribe appropriate interventions for the particular subtype.

Similarly, the brain can make other unwanted behaviors, such as anxiety, in a variety of ways. The functional EEG can help determine how a person’s brain makes the unwanted behavior, so that the best intervention for improvement can be identified, such as types of therapy, medication, life style modifications and biofeedback modalities.

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