EEG Preparation Documents

In order to provide you with the best service please follow this instructions carefully.

Forms to be completed and emailed PRIOR to your evaluation:

Please complete the following forms and email them to [email protected] at least 1 business days prior to your evaluation. We cannot send your data to be analyzed until we have your forms. These forms are part of the analysis and will help with treatment recommendations.

There are 6 forms.

Forms 1-4 must be completed elecctronically in Excel format and returned over Email to: [email protected]

Forms 5-6 must be downloaded, completed electronically in WORD and return by email or PRINT and complete by hand and bring to your appointment.




**Please contact us if you do not have EXCEL or if you need any assistance downloading or completing forms electronically. (The forms must be completed electronically; not printed and not completed by hand)

Preparation for your evaluation takes up to 7 days!

Please read and follow these instructions prior to your evaluation:

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