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Psychophysiological Assessment

Understand the body-mind interaction. 

What is a psychophysiological assessment and why is it important?


A psychophysiological assessment is aimed at understanding the interactions of the physiological and psychological processes. In other words, it is aimed at understanding the body-mind interaction in an individual. Such information can be very helpful in understanding the causes and mechanisms at work in such diverse things as: anxiety, chronic pain, attention management, emotional regulation, etc.

The results can be used by themselves or with the results of complementary evaluations (e.g. functional EEG evaluation) to design a plan to improve and maintain your daily functioning. The better able you are to control your body’s responses (e.g. to relax and to activate) the easier it becomes to optimize your mind/brain.

How can Sadar Psychological Services help?

Sadar Psychological Services will meet with you to learn about your particular situation. If it is determined that a psychophysiological assessment would be helpful in having you meet your goals, such an assessment will be scheduled that will measure your muscle tension, heart rate, galvanic skin response and temperature. These measurements will be taken while you are at rest, under stress, and your rate of recovery. The data will then be analyzed and you will be given feedback regarding your results and the recommendations as indicated for improving your physiological response and control.

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