The Mental Side of the Game is What Makes Winners

Peak Performance for Athletes and Professionals 

People have a tendency to allow negative thoughts to creep into their minds.

The difference for athletes is that a negative thought in the mind is an opportunity for an opponent.

Though it is not something that occurs naturally, positive thought habits can be learned. Emotional control is another characteristic that may not come easily to many people. Anger, frustration, anxiety…These emotions have cost many players an important match. More importantly, they can cost the enjoyment of the game.

We can help players learn the skills that can make the difference between having fun and winning matches and going home frustrated with the game.


Spend hours practicing your technique.


Hours strengthening your body.


Now it´s time to Strengthen your MIND

Our Approach

Many of the cutting edge treatments we offer are particularly well suited to helping athletes reach their potential.  We  will begin working with you by assess your strengths and goals.  A good sports psychologist will help you to perform you best (we strive for 80% or better) of the time and will teach you how to benefit from errors.  In addition, we will use state of the art tools to improve attention and reduce anxiety during challenges.

Unlocking the Brain’s Potential: Empowering Patients, Educating Practitioners

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