Things you may want to know before your first visit

For most commercial insurances, the first visit is a covered service and does not require a referral.

You are welcome to bring a significant other to your visit.  Many people want to do this so that we can get as much background information as possible.  If you are coming to learn about services for a child, we welcome all ages, but will also meet with parent(s) alone if they feel it would not be beneficial to have the child along.

For all patients, we will ask for the information on this form. It can be completed and brought with you, or you can complete it in the office when you arrive.

If you are using insurance, these additional forms will need to be completed:

How to confirm insurance coverage for testing

This can be a confusing process.  We have created this form to help you speak with your insurance plan to see if they cover testing and if pre-certification is requrired.



Understanding your Condition is Our Mission

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