Get a baseline qEEG

Our brain is our most vital organ, yet we know very little about it.  Most of us don’t know how our brain compares to the functioning of others.  We tend to rely on arbitrary systems, such as grades in school, promotions at work, and the feedback we get from others.

A baseline qEEG compares our brain to others’ brainwave data to provide us with a statistical comparison of our relative strengths and weaknesses.    This can guide us to pursue a variety of treatments and life style changes to help our brain function better.

In other cases, when there is the risk of head injury/concussion (eg., active athletes who play contact sports such as LAX, soccer, Field Hockey, Football, etc.), a baseline EEG can help determine the severity of the TBI that can occur at a later date.

Additionally, a qEEG, as well as a TOVA or other neurological baseline can help show the amount of improvement that has occurred after a period of treatment of any sort.

baseline qeeg and baseline eeg

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