Full report

This report includes EEG & ERP data analysis & a neurology evaluation along with our interpretation of the results & recommendations based on those results.


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Clinicians utilize this service to receive a Functional EEG Evaluation Report based on the EEG and VCPT data they collected from their clients, and subjective responses provided by the client via the HBI forms.


  1. Clinician contacts [email protected] to set up an account which allows access to the dropbox folder to deposit raw data and forms.
  2. Clinician submits payment through the sadarpsych.com website
  3. Clinician adds to dropbox the documents.
  4. Information is analyzed and report generated within 10 business days and returned via secure email server


HBI forms in excel format:

Lifestyle and background form (optional)

Food journal (optional):

EO/EC and VCPT data

  • Files in .eeg and .edf format