17Regarding COVID-19


Updated 4/23/2020


We want our patients to be assured that our office will be following protocols suggested by our partner associated with Harvard Medical/Spaulding Rehabilitation Center, as well as, those suggested by our professional organizations. These protocols will include the following:

  1. Social distance will be maintained as recommended by CDC.
  2. Communal surfaces will be wiped down following each patient visit.
  3. Wipes are outside the office, to open the door.
  4. Sadar Psychological Staff will wash their hands before and following each patient visit.
  5. We ask patients to wash their hands upon entering the unit.
  6. Until further notice, we are not providing services that require direct physical contact.
  7. All staff are working remotely, except Dr. M. Sadar and Angelika Sadar.
  8. We will continue to provide intakes, psychotherapy, consultation and evaluation reviews either in office or via teleconference.


Our usual late cancellation policy is suspended until further notice. We want to do all we can to allay the concerns of our patients and to support their health care choices. Please feel free to telephone our office to inquire about more detail or to discuss your concerns.   We offer tremendous compassion to everyone who is experiencing fear in this process. We encourage you to convert the energy of fear into awareness, to use discernment with the information being disseminated, to take reasonable precautions and actions.