Increase Academic Success

To do one’s best in school, a student must be performing

intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

Our Approach:

Many parents are concerned that their child may have ADHD, anxiety, or depression that interferes with their performance at school and with their relationships. Sadar Psychological has worked with parents and children for over 25 years to help improve academic performance.

We utilize state of the art tests to evaluate how students perform both academically and emotionally.

We use  Intellectual Performance Tests to help parents understand their child’s neurological development, including areas of relative strength and weakness.

We have administered hundreds of Tests of Attention to help assess if a child/adult’s performance is below average for their age and intellectual ability due to inattention, impulsivity, and/or anxiety.

Once we have determined a student’s areas of strength and weakness, we will develop a personalized plan to help the student to develop skills to improve their grades and social skills and feel happier in school and at home. Additionally, we help parents to work with their school to obtain the best academic plan for their child.

Expected Improvements

Improve Test Taking Performance

Test anxiety is very real and can lead students to perform below their ability. Before the semester begins is a great time to learn some techniques for managing test anxiety, before the pressure-packed exams actually occur.  Sadar Psychological and Sports Center has high levels of success providing students of all ages with the skills to overcome test taking anxiety. In addition, all forms of anxiety can be greatly reduced through EEG biofeedback.

Optimize Concentration and Focus

There are many aspects to attention/concentration (e.g. achieving focus, maintaining focus, dealing with external distractions, dealing with internal distractions, etc.). Sadar Psychological and Sports Center can help determine your strengths and weaknesses in the areas of concentration and focus, and design a program to improve your ability in any areas of relative weakness.

Improve Social Interactions

Social interactions are an integral part of every school day.  When a child struggles with social anxiety, understanding or expressing emotions, or interacting successfully with peers or teachers, learning is compromised, as is the child’s happiness.  At Sadar Psychological, we excel at identifying the source of the concerns.  We then provide a variety of options to target and resolve the issues so your child can focus on what school is about: learning.

Manage Behavior Problems at School

When anger, distraction, or disruption become part of your child’s experience at school, problems at school can develop quickly.  Sometimes kids get kicked out of school and parents don’t know where to turn.  Sadar Psychological has an outstanding track record of working with children and their parents to resolve the issues that occur at school, often improving family life at home as well.