Peak Performance in Work and Sports

Competitiveness in sports, academic and work activities may lead you to want to exploit the power of your brain. Sadar Psychological can design a specialized program in your area of ​​performance so that you can depend on performing your best more often.

Dr. Mitch and Angelika Sadar have helped professional athletes, high powered professionals, and students optimize performance.


Reasons to Choose Sadar Psychological to Maximize Your Performance

  • We have helped professional athletes, nationally ranked juniors, and college and high school athletes, executives and professionals, and students of all levels who want to make their brain work more efficiently and improve their performance.
  • Elite athletes including professional tennis players, olympians, and NHL players have chosen to work with us.
  • Angelika Sadar is widely recognized in the professional  tennis community for her expertise and has been regularly asked to speak at regional and national tennis conferences.

Optimize your Performance

in Sports

Anger, frustration, anxiety…These emotions have cost many players an important outcome. More importantly, they can cost the enjoyment of the game. We can help players learn the skills that can make the difference between having fun and winning matches and going home frustrated with the game.

in School

Using observation, parent input, and state of the art tests, we evaluate how students perform both academically and emotionally. We will develop a personalized plan to help the student as well as help parents to work with their school to obtain the best academic plan for their child.

at Work

In order to perform optimally at one’s career, there are two essential skills: attention/concentration & emotional control. We will design a program that will strengthen your relative weaknesses, as well as optimizing the specific skill set required to excel in your position/career.

Performance psychology often focuses on learning techniques such as relaxation and using imagery. Utilizing biofeedback introduces additional and powerful set of tools that goes way beyond traditional peak performance training or sports psychology.

My son went to take his driver’s license test last Friday. He was really nervous and had a long wait before his turn. I suggested he use some of the breathing lessons you had taught him. He said “you know, they really help” and also mentioned the lesson about staying focused in the present, not getting too far ahead of yourself. Seem to help him a lot and he did very well on his test. Thought you’d be interested to know how students are applying your lessons beyond the tennis court. Thanks for your interest in our kids.

Father of Nationally Ranked Junior Tennis Player

Unlocking the Brain’s Potential: Empowering Patients, Educating Practitioners

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