Theory into Practice

Alpha Theta Neurotherapy

With 22 hours of learning, this is the most comprehensive Alpha Theta course we know of. At the end of this course, participants will feel confident beginning to implement Alpha Theta training with their patients.

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Course Overview

Course Name: Alpha Theta Neurotherapy: Theory into Practice


While there are not specific prerequisites for this course, it is a higher level neurofeedback course and all participants should be established neurofeedback practitioners who are comfortable with the neurofeedback training that they are currently providing.

Course description

From optimization practices using neuro-meditation to clinical practices in addictions and post traumatic stress disorder, alpha-theta neurotherapy has taken on many forms and found broad-based utility across a spectrum of practices. This course lays the foundation for the original research-based intervention, explores the underpinnings that gave rise to its success and provides clinicians with a practical skills approach to facilitation.

From this base, the course also explores how this therapy continues to evolve. Beyond the theoretical, the course aims to provide participants with hands-on, practical exercises to help them become confident in facilitating these experiences.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learners will describe the ways that alpha-theta neurotherapy benefits users when working with those seeking performance enhancement.
  2. Learners will describe Penniston’s general outcomes in working with individuals with addiction.
  3. Learners will name elements alpha-theta neurotherapy has in common with ancient mystic practices.
  4. Learners will identify the “ingredients” critical to the facilitation of alpha-theta neurotherapy.
  5. Learners will summarize (in no more than two sentences) one example of an ego-strengthening visualization that can be used in alpha-theta sessions.
  6. Learners will provide an example of a condition in which alpha-therapy is contra-indicated.
  7. Learners who complete this course will be ready to integrate Alpha Theta training into their practice.

What will you get as a result of this training?

  • Grounding in foundational Alpha-Theta concepts
  • Opportunity to create your own positive affirmation
  • Alpha-Theta facilitation strategies
  • Hands on practice and troubleshooting
  • Adjunct biofeedback therapies to complement Alpha-Theta work

What’s included

Meet your instructor

Linda Walker PhD LPC

Linda Walker PhD LPC

Linda’s work in trauma spans nearly 30 years, first in her work in developmental disabilities, then through juvenile justice and mental health. There is a tendency to follow up this sentence with all of the trauma therapies in which one has been certified. There is a long list. But that truly doesn’t touch connecting with someone who has been through trauma, being a witness to their experience and then helping them on their journey to work through it. Particularly with the young men and women labeled “delinquents,” Linda came to profoundly understand how tangled the web of trauma could truly be, and how critically the therapeutic approach must necessarily include a foundational healing that helps the core of the person learn to re-regulate. That it is a combination of psychology and physiology — using neurofeedback and biofeedback, then surrounded by other supportive approaches in which individuals can begin to heal within deeper layers beyond the superficial.

Linda has been practicing neurofeedback and biofeedback for over two decades and is among the more knowledgeable professionals in the field and has been privileged to direct assessment for a neurotherapy group that had clinics throughout Michigan, develop and teach biofeedback for Western Michigan University, and work with Bio-Medical, Thought Technology, and Biofeedback Federation to teach courses, mentor and develop software. Still, Linda’s heart lives in the opportunity to work with others, to meet them where they are in their journey and to use the tools and skills I have to help them along their way.

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