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December 12, 2014

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As the New Year approaches and people start to talk about New Year’s Resolutions (and we work non-stop to get our expanded office space ready) I’ve been thinking a lot about Sadar Psychological and Sports – who we are, what we believe in, and how we can keep improving.

How do Psychology and Sports fit together???

People have regularly asked me why we chose to name the practice Sadar Psychological and Sports Center…The name was based on our philosophy that both mental and physical wellness are important aspects of our health.  It seems that almost all people want to be better in some way or another.  Those who are anxious want to feel calmer and those who excel in a sport want to excel at a higher level.  Simply put, everyone wants to do better.

There are times when people want to improve themselves via therapy, but other times they may be interested in learning something they can practice with others to gain self-improvement.  In our experience, all people, no matter their strengths or weaknesses, want the same thing:

-calm their mind,
-relax their body,
-sleep soundly
-concentrate better
-express their ideas to others
-feel more confident

Let’s look at some examples of why people seek to feel better and how we’re trying to help them pursue self improvement:

Chronic Pain Sufferers

People with chronic pain are often “talked out”.  They just wish to be able to have less pain.  Ironically, pain often causes people to become sedentary, which causes lactic acid to build up in our muscles and causes more discomfort.  Yoga has been around since 2000 B.C.and provides the perfect opportunity to begin to move limbs and muscles that are achy and in pain.  Yoga can be done in a chair when necessary and at the pace most comfortable for people at all fitness levels.  Most of all, people of all ages and all levels of health and fitness can experience the benefits of yoga!

High School and College Students

Our students face many demands academically and socially. The fast pace of the world offers them many new and exciting opportunities in which they are asked to present themselves “at their best.” Teenagers and young adults are in the public eye more than ever. For example, social media, YouTube, Skype, as well as the ease of traveling both locally and internationally provide more public exposure than previous generations. Students are asked to engage in public service activities, presents their opinions publicly and ultimately go on interviews where they need to put their best foot forward. Somehow, they need to stand out from the crowd so that they can be selected to participate in opportunities that will help them in their future. Learning how to present oneself is especially important for these young adults, and we want to help young people build this skill.

Job Seekers

It’s no secret that the current job market is changing rapidly and we’re all doing our best to keep up.  Employers spend an average of only 6 seconds looking at a resume and so the pressure to present yourself in an exciting way can be daunting.  I know that everyone has something important to offer and want SPS to be a place where we can help you put your best foot forward.  Whether it be to create the best resume possible or to build skills for this changing market, it’s important to me that our clients know they can come to us for that support.

It’s for these people, and for others that we’re opening an expanded office.  It’s not about being bigger, but rather about being better for you!  I hope that you’ll be inspired by the work that we’re doing and will take a look at all that we now have to offer.

Action Steps

If you’re ready to start improving yourself now, consider taking part in one of the following:

  • Yoga Classes: Beginning in January of 2015 DeeDee Bernstiel will be offering Yoga classes on Tuesday afternoons at SPS.
  • Presentation SeminarWe’re so excited to announce our first personal development seminar! ‘Strike like Lightning and Roar like Thunder: Four illuminating secrets to a powerful presentation.’ This class will be offered on Saturday, January 3rd and Sunday, January 4th from 9-12.  Click here for more information, and sign up soon by calling the office (610-933-944).
  • Put Your Best Foot ForwardBeth Carlin, a professional career consultant with experience in Fortune 500 companies, is excited to help you learn how to make sure potential employers can see how great you are.  Check out all of her seminars and services!

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