Nutrition and Brain Health. Fueling your brain with proper nutrition helps you function better.

A simple rule of thumb is

  • eat 3 balanced meals a day
  • do not skip breakfast (it really is the most important meal of the day)
  • limit sugar intake
  • read labels – if you cant read what it says, you probably shouldn’t eat it!
  • Avoid partially hydrogeneated foods (hydrogeneated is OK).

What is a balanced meal?  There is debate about this. Some say to get food from the five basic food groups: vegetables, fruits, grains, protein and dairy.  Some would argue that dairy is not needed.  Others talk about getting a balance of basic nutrients: Carbs, protein, fat, fiber and vitamins/minerals; and there is debate about what percentage of daily calories should be divided among the Carbs, Protein and Fat categories.

In short, advice about what is the “best” diet can be complicated and confusing. Also, once you decide upon a diet plan for yourself, it can be challenging t initiate and maintain the plan you have decided to follow.

How can Sadar Psychological help? Staff at Sadar’s can help you to get some direction regarding how you might go about improving your diet and how to initiate and maintain a diet plan based on your particular situation.  If expert dietary advice is called for we will seek to make the appropriate recommendation and referral for you.

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