Our approach to personal and professional skills development is…


Whether a skills workshop or one-on-one personal development, we guide you using the your natural abilities and strengths so that success is met on the your terms. This way you can easily replicate the acquired skills and meet with future success time and time again.


You can have fun while you learn! Developing personal and professional skills does not have to be stressful. Using the Principles of Adult Learning Theory and the specialized techniques behind instructional design, courses and sessions are designed to immerse you in a safe learning environment conducive to acquiring new skills easily and putting the skills to immediate use within the sessions.

Why choose SPS for your professional and personal development?

Beth Carlin’s 25 years of corporate training experience brings all the elements of ‘big business appeal’ without the performance pressure witnessed in larger, formal personal and professional development sessions. She creates an intimate learning environment and establishes a rapport with each client so that the individual’s success remains top priority.  In the smaller, informal settings offered, each client gets attention and the focus remains on individual needs. So, whether you are preparing for your future career and seeking the necessary skills to support your success, or seeking to sharpen existing skills, Beth will help take you to your next level of personal and professional development.

What seminars and classes does SPS offer?

Please call the office at 610-933-9440 for dates and times.

Presentation Skills 6 hours

  • Participants will be able to design and deliver an effective presentation around an identified core message. Individuals will be able to identify the key communication secrets to make their presentations, and themselves memorable.

Power of Positivity 1 hour

  • Participants are introduced to the constructive benefits of positive thinking. They will explore two techniques that can assist them in shifting their perspective to a more rewarding mindset. Great for athletes, musicians and individuals that strive for performance perfection!

How to Reach your Potential and Defeat Self- Sabotage 75 minutes

  • Recognize how the self-sabotaging voice keeps you stuck and how to battle its effects. Identify techniques to rise above your saboteur.

Conflict Resolution 6 hours

  • Conflict cannot be avoided; however, we can improve a difficult situation by looking for ways to use conflict to strengthen creativity and interpersonal skills. Participants will identify the communication elements necessary to manage through difficult times.

Strategic Storytelling 4-6 hours

  • Participants will identify the elements necessary to use stories to deliver a message. Whether in the business setting, interview, or college preparation, the use of stories are a powerful way to make you memorable to your audience.

Emotional Intelligence 4 hours

  • Explore how emotions affect relationships and practice techniques that can increase your empathy and social skills, and work with tactics that can improve your self-awareness and self-regulation.

Manners Matter 75 minutes

  • Manners are important; common courtesies and small acts of kindness and they carry great weight in how you are perceived in the world. Present yourself with confidence once you discover the rules of etiquette.

On the Job Etiquette 75 minutes

  • Your actions reflect who you are. A key to success is identifying those habits that benefit how you are perceived, enhance your relationships with others, and make a good impression.

Dining Etiquette 75 minutes

  • Dining behavior, table manners, and correct table setting are a lost art. Renew and refresh proper dining etiquette that you can take anywhere and use anytime.

Setting Yourself Apart from the Competition 75 minutes

  • The shiny object gets noticed! Get noticed for proper manners- from opening the door, to holding and elevator, polite and proper manners can make the difference and impact your confidence.

Communication Manners 75 minutes

  • Discover the secrets to communication. Once you are aware of the four levels of conversation, and can identify the four elements of conversation, you are on your way to the real art of conversation.

Manners of Internet, Phone, and Email Matters 75 minutes

  • Too often we get lost in the virtual world and forget that another human being is on the receiving end of our communications. Overcome the communication challenges that modern technology presents, and discover how proper manners still apply even though the medium has changed.