recsPsychotherapy at Sadar Psychological is…


Our clinical staff is dedicated and experienced.  Mitchell M. Sadar, Ph.D. and Angelika Y. Sadar, M.A. are licensed psychologists who have been practicing psychotherapy for over 25 years.   Our clinicians’ background and training includes experience with multiple therapeutic approaches  including cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and behavioral, among others.  The psychotherapeutic approach of the office is based first and foremost upon good listening. Listening and learning where each client is in his/her life is an important and critical first step.  We work to understand our clients’ goals, desires, fears, resources, conceptualization of their own issues and process for approaching change.  Once we reach a mutual understanding of where the client is and where they want to be, our experienced clinicians devise an individualized evaluation plan for each client, that will contain recommendations for various therapeutic approaches.  Our goal will be to help you determine the best interventions for your personal needs


At Sadar Psychological, we don’t rely solely on psychotherapy to bring results to our clients.  We employ homework assignments when appropriate to facilitate the psychotherapeutic process continuing out of the office. We also draw upon community, when and where appropriate to facilitate further gains. Another major advantage of pursuing a relationship with our office is the possibility of incorporating EEG Biofeedback/Neurofeedback, meditation and  mindfulness practices, and/or biofeedback to support your work with your therapist.


Throughout the process of your treatment,  we will take time to evaluate your progress and revise treatment recommendatons or incorporate new supports.  We see treatment as a continuous evolution on the part of our client and make it a priority to see that our services evolve with you! In summary, our approach is based on the individual’s needs, resources, and circumstances.




Entering into a therapeutic relationship with a caring, knowledgeable, trained professional is a time tested way for an individual to process and clarify their issues and concerns.  It can also help to determine what are the best therapeutic modalities for the individual to engage in to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible  It can also give the person a “safe” environment in which to practice different ideas and approaches, and/or to ask questions as they begin to apply their new approaches out of the office.