Traditional Psychological Approaches

Extraordinary Psychological and Behavioral Changes

Dr. Mitch and Angelika have strived to offer the most comprehensive treatment services in the Philadelphia area. For that reason, Sadar Psychological continues to offer traditional psychological approaches addition to our concentration on EEG biofeedback/neurofeedback and biofeedback.  Our clinicians are licensed psychologists and counselors with decades of experience and they all understand the value of a finding the best approach for each individual.


Talk therapy as a mean to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behavior with the goal of improving your overall well-being.


A state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention.  It is allows us to use our minds more powerfully.  Hypnosis can used to encourage imagination, facilitate suggestion, and to explore the unconscious.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Paths to increased awareness of how the mind works so it becomes easier to control the mind.  As you control and quiet the mind, a state of greater calm and relaxation is possible.  Ultimately, one can become aware of one’s true self that exists beyond the mind.

The demands of today’s educational and workplace environments are extensive and difficult to navigate.   In addition to helping our clients address any emotional concerns, we want to give you the tools to stand out in anything you do.



For stress relief, pain management, general mindfulness, and well-being

Strength Finders Assessments

Discover your natural talents and strengths so as to identify potential career opportunities where you may thrive

Skills Development Courses

Our courses on how to set you apart from the competition and ensure positive presentation in a wide variety of settings

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