Spinal Chord Stimulator Evaluations

Why come to SPS:


  • Daytime appointments
  • We work with your insurance company,
  • Doctors trust us; more than 15 different pain offices refer to us for SCS evaluation.


Our office staff will help you be comfortable and our psychologists will provide all that is needed to help your pain specialist to help with your  pain management.

Our office staff will help confirm your insurance coverage to ensure all proper pre-authorizations have been obtained.  You will meet with a psychologist who will review your history and understanding of the SCS process.  Once you have finished meeting with the psychologist, you will answer a questionnaire; this will take approx 1-2 hours to complete.
The psychologist will provide a report to your pain specialist and any other providers you would like the report sent to within a week of the evaluation, unless other arrangements have been made