Psychological Testing

Attention Testing for ADHD clients and others

Test Of Variables in Attention (TOVA)

The T.O.V.A is a 22 minute standardized computerized test used to identify attention problems as well as adverse effects of other issues, such as anxiety, on performance. The ability to pay attention to a boring, repetitive task is best measured in the first half of the T.O.V.A. while the ability to control impulsivity is best measured in the second half.

Variables measured by the T.O.V.A. include: variability of response time (consistency), response time (processing speed), errors of commission (impulsivity), errors of omission (inattention), post-commission response times, multiple and anticipatory responses, and an ADHD score, which is a comparison to an age/gender specific group.

Visual Continuous Performance Test (VCPT)

The Visual Continuous Performance Task (VCPT) is done during a qEEG, which includes the recording of Spontaneous EEG and Event Related Potentials (ERP). This is then analyzed by a third party (HBImed). While the VCPT is administered to sample event related potentials, the test itself can also be used to assess attention. Continuous performance tests, in general, are a type of neuro-psychological test that measure a person’s sustained and selective attention and impulsivity.  Your clinician will analyze the results  in terms of Errors of Omission (inattention), Errors of Commission (impulsivity), Response Time (processing speed/hand-eye coordination), and Response Time Variability (quality or intensity of concentration).


Intelligence Quotient (IQ)/Performance Testing

Cognitive Assessment System (CAS)

The CAS produces an overall or “full scale” IQ. It has been validated for the identification of Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and Learning Disabilities.

The CAS is a IQ test based upon PASS Theory of cognitive processing. The theory proposes that human cognitive functioning is based on the four essential activities of Planning, Attention, Simultaneous Processing, and Successive Processing. The better these four processes are functioning, the better an individual can employ and enhance their knowledge base.

Psychologists reference task results to a normative database, and provide a “full scale” IQ. Given that the CAS was developed out of the principles of neuropsychology, the results lend themselves to be applied to brain functioning. This ultimately helps to determine the optimal protocol for EEG Biofeedback/Neurofeedback training.

Traditional IQ/Personality Tests/Memory Assessment/Coordination and Processing Assessment

We offer more traditional IQ measures (including the Wechsleer Intelligence Scales). Other testing is also available (including achievement testing, memory testing, career assessment, and personality testing (i.e. MMPI, 16 PF, etc.).

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