Resources to Help Parents and Kids Cope During Coronavirus

How parents can help manage Anxiety during COVID-19

Watch tips and tools to manage anxiety delivered by Angelika Sadar.

Excellent video with superb summary with simple breathing practices based upon superb scientific research

Coronoavirus Free Breathing Exercises by Patrick McKeown.

Heart Rate Variability and Meditation – Home Program – Reduced Pricing for Lifetime Subscription – $229
(4 years-Adults)

Over the past decade, the scientific literature has seen a phenomenal increase in the number and quality of research studies demonstrating the positive impacts of meditation.

The success of meditation is directly correlated to a number of biometric ‘indicators’ – of which Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is considered to be one of the strongest.

Unyte was formerly Wild Divine, a true pioneer in mind-body technology, which sold tens of thousands of biofeedback devices in 60 countries over 15 years, and whose products were referenced in over 100 scientific journal articles.

This program has beautiful images and is narrated by leaders in the field. Purchase the sensor and download UNYTE programs.

Lifetime subscription: $229
Call Sadar Psychological at 610-933-9440

Free Tool to Manage Stress From Heartmath (limited offer) (4-6 years old)

Are you stressed?
Are your kids stressed in these difficult times?

The HeartMath Institute is offering free access (a regular $49.95 value) to the first 100,000 families who apply.

The access will be to a new on-line course for kids: HeartSmarts Adventure. This program will guide kids, ages 4-6, through a self-paced fun and engaging emotional learning program that will help kids learn ways to mange their emotions and stress.

The HeartMath Institute has been doing research into stress reduction techniques for over 35 years. Their techniques are scientifically based and researched. This is a great time and opportunity to introduce your children to some of these proven techniques.

To gain free access to this great opportunity simply click here

Free On-line Concussion Screening (12+ years)

Did you Know:
Teenage Girls are more likely to get a concussion than boys?
Most concussions in toddlers occur when jumping on the bed?

In regards to concussions, this is actually a good time for on-line screening. It is something kids can do remotely, using a program designed by a neurologist that measures cognitive functioning and processing speed, while doing a variety of tasks in a variety of realms and includes a questionnaire of the player’s self -assessment related to cognitive functioning and how they feel.

Call 610-933-9440 to get your link and set up a time for your screening

Dr. Sadar discusses Carson Wentz’ concussion. We use the same screening for middle and high school teens as we do for professional athletes.

Following a concussion, the common medical practice is either a test of balance, or a mri (which measures structural brain damage). The problem is that there doesn’t need to be structural damage in order for there to be “functional” (ie., how do you do cognitively) damage. Concussion screening measures performance, which is what is more likely to get impaired during a concussion.

Organize remote learning during coronavirus with Alta Ipsum – Almost Free! ($2) (K-12 Students)

Alta Ipsum is an all-in-one calendar/to-do list/assignment tracker that includes features such as easy sharing with tutors and automated scheduling for essay-steps.

It was designed specifically for k-12 students and really is a phenomenal resource.

Normally it costs $20 a month, but right now is on sale for $2 for the year. Consider sharing it with your students as a tool that will take them through this crisis and even through much of next school year.

Free video course Heartmath

Ease stress overload and increase your resilience with the HeartMath Experience program.

Visit to find out more about the free video course.

For the Big and Little Kids – Tons of free events on line (Courtesy of Brett Schur, Ph.d., Haverford, PA)

Some of these activities were previously posted on and Good Housekeeping. The links have all been verified.

  • Some of these are videos. Some are more interactive.
  • Most are appropriate for young kids. A couple might work for older kids (e.g. Louvre)
  • All of the activities are free. Some museums may ask for a donation.

Parks, aquariums, outdoors and Zoo

San Diego Zoo: see and read about animals, live cams, videos, and more.

Yellowstone National Park: wolf videos, live cam of Old Faithful, video of mud volcano.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: live cams.

Farm Food 360: Videos of farm tours: dairy, pigs, mink and others.

Mars for kids: Also:

Great Wall of China virtual tour:

NASA Langley Research Center videos:

Vatican – 6 virtual tours:

Legoland (Denmark) virtual tour:

Sea World Orlando virtual tour:

Games and activities

Sesame Street games for preschoolers:

Give-An-Hour: free activity book for kids:

Additional Resources – Provided courtesy of Skylar from St. Paul’s Girl Scout Troup 30:


Traveling Around the World: Virtual Tours and Field Trips

Take a break and take a virtual trip from anywhere around the world. 

Visit Virtual Tours and Field Trips for a full list of Virtual tours.

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