TRF Neurofeedback case consultation program Summer 2022


The Case Study Group (CSG) is the last step the TRF Trauma-Informed Neurofeedback Certificate Program. Full participation is required after completing the 36 hours of course material. Qualified licensed clinicians are eligible to attend the CSG program, which is facilitated by a leading trauma-specialized neurofeedback professional, where you will present and participate in discussions about the use of neurofeedback with trauma patients. As a participants, you will each be asked to present a minimum of one case of a neurofeedback session conducted with a patient who has experienced trauma.

Get the guidance needed to integrate neurofeedback into your clinical practice with 6 Live online sessions of 2 hours each.

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Once you have taken the introductory neurofeedback course and practicum, and had a chance to practice neurofeedback training on yourself, friends/family and perhaps some patients, this course will provide the guidance needed to integrate neurofeedback into your clinical practice. Here is your opportunity to meet with other clinicians who are learning more about neurofeedback. Every other week, this 2 hour meeting will provide an opportunity for trauma-informed clinicians to discuss and expand their knowledge about:

Case Study Groups are also open to neurofeedback clinicians who have completed the BCIA Neurofeedback Course elsewhere but want to further their NF expertise in working with patients with trauma histories.

Please note: For those who are considering BCIA certification, this will count towards the required case conferences of the BCIA NF requirements.

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