Mentor: Shari Johansson

BCIA approved neurofeedback mentor.

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Shari has been a therapist and LPC Supervisor for nearly 30 years, both in private practice and in the University setting. Always a student of science, Shari dove into neurofeedback in 2015 after seeing how this modality effectively resolved her son’s ADHD symptoms and her daughter’s temporal lobe seizures.

Only 2 weeks into her quest, she attended the ISNR conference in Denver and naively enrolled in a QEEG class. She met Jay Gunkelman at that conference as he was throwing a big bash to celebrate his birthday. With the fascination of neuroscience and meeting the larger-than-life personalities, Shari was thoroughly hooked. These years later, she still considers herself a novice that has only touched the tip of the monolithic iceberg of neuroscience and neurotherapy. She currently teaches didactic courses and is a certified mentor for both BCN and QEEG certification.

Neurofeedback and neuromodulation has been a game changer personally and professionally with her most challenging, treatment resistant clients. So, although the learning curve is steep with no plateau in sight, Shari is grateful to be on this path.


  •  I am well versed in Nexus 4, 10, 32 & Q32 with Biotrace software.
  • I have trained with ClearMind’s Richard Souter and know ClearMind fairly well.
  • I am comfortable with BrainMaster Atlantis & Discovery.
  • I feel somewhat confident with all Neurofield Amplifiers and Stimulation, PEMF and Light as well as the software.
  • I’m comfortable with Daymed and Tru Scan.
  • I am comfortable with Mitsarz1 Champ and WinEEG.
  • I am fairly comfortable with the Neuro AMp and BeeLab
  • I have level 1 training with LENS but do not use it.
  • I am comfortable with iSync Wave and iSync software.
  • While I have used QEEG Pro in the past, I do not currently hold a subscription.
  • I am currently utilizing WinEEG, iSync, and Neuroguide software.
  • Additionally, I use the following in my office
    • ISF
    • Photobiomodulation with Neurofield, iSync, Vielight
    • DC Stim/ AC Stim/ Noise/ PEMF
    • Audio Visual Entrainment

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