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Finding the root cause in your brain.

Bioresonance Biofeedback

Two weekends ago we were visited by two colleagues/friends from Florida, Mike and Carolyn Cohen.  They brought with them their bioresonance equipment and program (the Lenyo CellCom unit).  They had been telling us about their positive experience with this equipment,...

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ADHD Medication Comparison

Many parents and others are somewhat bewildered by the seemingly endless array of so-called ADHD medications.  While I am not a physician, our work with children and adults dealing with ADHD brings us into regular contact with these medications. Consequently, I feel I...

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ADHD Basics

Forms of ADHD There is possible confusion and misunderstanding regarding the terms ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  ADD is an old term that has been replaced in the official diagnostic language by ADHD.  But ADHD...

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New Ideas About Pain

How We Understand Pain Previous theories about pain are being challenged by new technology and research.  The previous idea about pain involved terms like: “pain receptors”, “pain nerves” or “pain pathways”.  The idea was that there were nerves all throughout our...

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