Comparison of treatments for ADHD

There are various treatments for ADHD. In this table we try to summarize the most common treatments and their characteristics. We compare Neurofeedback with Psychotherapy and Medication like Ritalin or Adderall.

NeurofeedbackPsychotherapyMedication- Ritalin/Adderall
How Long has the treatment  been around?Since 1960sEarly 20th Century or beforeRitalin – 1956Adderall –   1996
Results are long term once stoppedYesYesNo. Possible “rebound effect”
Average Cost per Session$110$100$20/month for Ritalin$140/month for Adderall
Average Time Investment30-50 hours over 1 year10-60 hours over 1-2 years1 minute per day  until adulthood or longer
Negative Side EffectsNoNoRitalin- Decreased appetite , symptoms worsen when drug wears off, nervousness, potential for abuseAdderall- False sense of wellbeing , abdominal pain
Ability to treat multiple biomarkersYesYesMedications for differing biomarkers often conflict with one another
Outside Interests that conflictNoNoPossible financial and political
EffectivenessShows improvement approx. 80% of the timeMany people report positive results when they follow assignmentsVaries.  Some report good results. May require several different medication attempts to find the best fit
American Pediatric Association ApprovedYes Level lYes, Level l when combined with behavior therapyYes, Level l when combined with behavior therapy
Approved for children under 6YesYesNo
Total CostsLifetime: $3000 average1-10 years: $600-$60006 years: $1440, plus behavior therapy: total approximately: $4000

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