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Owners Mitchell and Angelika on a hike in Central America

Mitchell and Angelika Sadar are a husband and wife team with a combined 50 plus years of experience in practicing psychology in the greater Philadelphia area. They founded Sadar Psychological and Sports center over 20 years ago and have developed the office into a cutting edge center for the treatment of a variety of conditions – most notably ADHD and pain management.  Mitchell and Angelika were two of the first psychologists in Pennsylvania to train in and begin practicing EEG Biofeedback/neurofeedback and biofeedback and they bring a complimentary set of skills to their family owned and operated business.  Equally important, they are passionate about what they do, having forged a wide array of collaborations across the United States and internationally.  In addition to their clinical work, Mitch and Angelika work with athletes of all levels ranging from high school players to olympians.  They have worked with numerous nationally ranked athletes who play tennis, golf, baseball, basketball and gymnastics, among others. Professional athletes include tennis players, members of the NHL, skeet shooters, golfers and others.  When you work with Mitchell and Angelika, you can count on the tenacity and individualized attention that have made them leaders in their field.  They look forward to seeing you soon! 

What their colleagues have to say about them

Here’s what some of Mitchell and Angelika‘s colleagues have to say about them:

Angelika and Mitch are wonderful people and wonderful therapists! In a field that is constantly evolving, they continue to increase their understanding and provide the most up-to-date and efficient techniques to their clients. It is a pleasure to be their colleague and I would never hesitate referring to them as I know the client would be in the best possible care.

Andrea Meckley, MA, BCN, QEEGT – North Carolina

I have witnessed first hand the profesionalism and high quality of results that [the Sadars have] achieved with my patients who have suffered from anxiety related issues. In addition to the extermely effective neurofeedback techniques that [they] utilize, [the Sadars offer] great insights and explanations into the root causes of the condition. I have known [the Sadars] for over 7 years, and have referred many patients to [their office] over the course of that time who have greatly benefited from [their] wisdom and skill… I highly recommend [the Sadars] in every way, just great [people] and first class [professionals].

Dr. Bradle, D. Beyer, DC – Phoenixville, PA

Mitch and Angelika are considered one of the Top Ten teams in Bio and EEG functional Neurofeedback in the US East Coast. 3 years ago, as Neurophysiologists, we trained in their facilities in both disciplines. Undoubtedly, we enjoyed every minute of our course and their hospitality! Their professionalism and sensitive care to their patients has always captivated us. Mitch and Angelika are a great couple! Their master minds and hearts are marvelously connected to their patients and staff. We believe that this perfect combination is rarely seen nowadays. We visit their Center every year to learn new great things, each time. We can see and feel that they never stop searching deeper for better ways to achieve greater results in brain dysfunction treatment.

Carlos Ochoa, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Neurophysiologist – Medellin, Colombia

Including neurofeedback into my practice was a daunting experience. Having [Sadar Psychological] to call for mentoring has always been a positive and reassuring experience. Referring clients for further testing was also a positive experience for myself and the client. Their knowledge of this field and their willingness to share their expertise has always been genuine. I was lucky to find them!

Deb Maier OTR/L, Hazelton, PA

I know Mitch and Angelica for a long time. They are enormously committed to their patients and are willing to make any possible effort for satisfiying their needs. They work with the best scientific methods.

Dr. Andreas Müller, Brain Researcher and Psychotherapist – Switzerland


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